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Why can a Virtual Address be an Ideal Business Solution?

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Your business address is important because it is one of the first things potential customers find out about your business. It is more than just a location to seat employees or a place to have meetings; it is the home of your business.

Many businesses, small and large, struggle to find the right address for their business. Whether the problem is expensive office rates, not enough space, or locations in remote areas, finding the right address for your business is not an easy task. This is where a virtual address comes in handy and solves multiple business problems at once. A virtual address not only saves your business money but it even results to an income increase and better business productivity.

But first, what is a virtual address?

A virtual street address is having a mailing address for your business mail to use as your own. When signing up for a virtual address, you get a virtual mailbox too. You can pick this address out of over 30 addresses nationwide and even use it as your business address on stationery, your website, and social media. With locations in major cities like New York and California, you can have a prestigious address to display to your customers and enjoy multiple mail benefits.

Your mail will arrive at secure mail facilities and the envelope of all mail & packages will be scanned then an image will be uploaded to your online mailbox for you to view. You receive instant notifications with all new mail so you’ll always be up-to-date with your postal mail. When you view the image, you can choose how to handle the mail piece. You can open & scan, shred, forward, or archive it. All your postal mail can be taken care of from the convenience of your computer or smartphone without needing a mailroom at the office.

How is a virtual address an ideal business solution?

Even though a virtual address is a service all businesses can use, it’s especially great for small-medium sized businesses or home-based businesses that are running on a tight budget and need a cost-effective, convenient postal mail solution. Let’s go through the multiple benefits that come with a virtual address and how it can help your business.

  1. Save money on mail. Every year businesses spend tons of money on equipping their mailrooms with the latest machinery, paper storage, and mailroom employees. While in reality, you can get mail scanning and forwarding services with a virtual mailbox for as little as $14.95 per month.
  1. Better postal mail handling. All your business mail is handled on the spot, nothing is delayed! With a virtual mailbox, you can add multiple recipients so you’d easily be able to offer this great service to all your employees. Each can log into the mailbox separately and handle their own mail. You can even set pre-filters to automatically filter your mail into specific folders before it arrives. Mail automation will save you time usually wasted sorting through paper mail, distributing mail, or shredding sensitive documents.
  1. Improved customer relations. Your customers will appreciate faster mail response times. Your employees will immediately be able to address important customer concerns or invoices sent through the postal mail. Great customer service is a core value that every business needs to succeed; a virtual mailbox will guarantee your customers have the best mail service possible.
  1. Physical mail storage. Nobody likes a messy office and piles of mail on your desk aren’t only messy but can lead to you losing important mail. The same goes for home-based businesses, you want a clutter-free workstation, and so PostScan Mail is offering you one! With this service, all mail and packages that arrive at your virtual address are physically stored 30 days for free from the day of its arrival. Storage space is still offered afterward if need, in exchange for a small fee.
  1. International & domestic shipping. Businesses will be able to enjoy mail forwarding with unique shipment conditions. With a virtual mail provider, you get the best shipping rates, domestically and internationally, to whichever address you choose. And for lower shipping fees, your packages are consolidated before shipment. This is a bonus for packaging and shipment companies or retailers that frequently ship internationally.
  1. A commercial address. You don’t just get any address; you get a commercial address that’ll help prosper your business. So if you’re located in a remote area, small town, or work from home, you can still have a prestigious address in a big city to represent your business. Customers care about your business’s image so gain your current customers’ trust and win over new customers with your new address.

These were the main highlights of having a virtual address for your business, besides these great points, you get an easy-to-use, online, virtual mailbox that beats your old-fashioned mailbox any day!