People blog just about everything from cooking, parenting, DIY to sports and all the way through to stamp collecting. I guess, just like myself, each blogger has some knowledge to impart and enjoys the writing process and the ensuing discussions.

When I set up this website, I was ambitious and wanted to publish the most insightful financial and stock trading information. To many, the stock market seems more intimidating than it ought to. Consequently, I have endeavored to bring simple, clear and intelligent financial information together on one easily accessible website. Including a blog with daily posts, emerged as the best way to proceed. The blog features market analysis, trade ideas, investment advice, and financial news.

Beyond my own posts, many top traders have contributed with guest posts, and I am continually seeking new contributions. If you would like to submit a guest post, please fill in the form below:


    You can submit a guest post for publication, even if you are new to blogging or work outside the financial services sector.

    Current Blog Content

    Currently, the following areas are analyzed in my blog:

    • Market Commentary: Investors can benefit from reading my market commentary and find out the latest market trends.
    • Actionable Trade Ideas: Some blog posts feature actionable trade ideas for those wishing to make good investments.
    • Financial News and Commentary: Breaking world financial news and analysis.
    • World Economy: Analysis of events in the world economy, world trade, employment trends and much more.
    • Education: A lot of the blog posts are of an educational nature geared toward educating the general public about the stock market and smart investments.

    Topic List For Guest Bloggers

    If you would like to submit a guest post for publication, please study my list of preferred topics below:

    • Banking News
    • Big Business and Corporations
    • Business Management
    • Credits and Loans
    • Economic News
    • Financial News
    • FOREX
    • Insurance
    • Investing Tips
    • Make Money Online
    • Money Saving
    • Reviews
    • Small Business
    • Stock Trading
    • Taxes

    Inexperienced bloggers may find inspiration in the following sample titles:

    • Top Pension Funds
    • Investment Tips for Beginners
    • Company Flotation Advice

    Guest Publication is Easy and Straightforward

    We welcome guest post from well-known
    as well as novice bloggers. The process is simple. Contact us and tell us what you would like to blog about or send us an already written submission.
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    We love publishing work by experienced bloggers and are proud to provide you with a further publication platform. Equally, we like to offer emerging talent a publishing opportunity and will assist you every step of the way.

    Guest Publication – Everyone Gains

    The content of my website and blog has been greatly enriched by many insightful guest posts. Our readers have praised the contributions. Many have gone on to subscribe to the guest
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    Finally, experienced bloggers have benefited from gaining access to thousands of new readers.

    All guest bloggers have raised their writer profile considerably. Our website gets 14’000 unique monthly visitors, and all blog posts are well-read.

    I also particularly enjoy connecting with various writers and love all the discussions surrounding guest publications. Contacts often go beyond one-off publication. Many of our guest bloggers have become regular contributors. Many friendships have been forged, and I am delighted to see our network grow and strengthen.

    Guest Publication Contact Details

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