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Take Advantage of These Top Construction Trends in 2018

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Project and construction managers must keep their fingers on the pulse of the building industry to make sure their jobs are innovative and effective. As the construction industry evolves, these are the trends your business should take advantage of in 2018.

More Drones Across the Construction Sector

Drones are infiltrating a range of industries, including the construction sector. The market for drones in the real estate and construction industries is expected to reach $20.5 billion by 2025, according to a Report Hive Market Research study. This should come after double-digit compound annual growth rate in the years between 2017 and 2025.

This growth is driven by the accurate and speedy results drones can produce. Drones can survey land in a fraction of the time and with greater precision than human surveyors can. Drones fitted with cameras can be an excellent tool for monitoring job sites and workers. This surveillance is likely to increase employee productivity and reduce theft and loss on job sites. Drones are also being used as a faster and safer way to transport goods to job sites.

Rachel Burger, a construction management expert writing for The Balance, believes we’ll see drones taking on even more important and complex roles in larger projects within the construction industry as we become more familiar with the technology and its capabilities.

“They are poised to cut the time it takes to build a skyscraper by a broad margin, thereby cutting costs,” she predicts.

The Rise of Rental Equipment

The American heavy equipment rental market is now worth around $39 billion, according to an IBISWorld report published in May 2017. It notes that this market has increased steadily in recent years, with average growth of 1.9 percent noted between 2012 and 2017.

While a company may use equipment like plant trailers every day, they may only occasionally need a digger or a forklift for their operations. So, why buy expensive equipment you’ll need to maintain when you only use it every now and then? Renting equipment you don’t use that often could be the way forward. This rise is likely due to positive word-of-mouth about the benefits of renting equipment. Renting a telescopic forklift, for example, requires no capital investment, so it’s much better for business cash flow. A business can also choose to rent the telescopic forklift for a day, a week, a month, or more, so they only pay for the equipment when they need it. This also reduces the need for storage for large heavy equipment, further saving costs. Businesses who rent also don’t need to spend money maintaining their heavy equipment and benefit from always having the latest technology available.

Modular Construction Projects Growth

Growth in modular construction projects will drive the construction industry in 2018, according to Kenny Ingram, IFS’s global industry director of construction and contracting.

Modular construction projects, which are easily assembled, are the perfect building solution when roughly 86 percent of local construction firms struggle to fill vacancies with skilled labor, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. If your business has a shortage of skilled workers, modular construction could help you efficiently achieve your project objectives.

Moreover, firms like Fabricon Modular are known to offer a comprehensive selection of prefabricated and modular building products and services that can meet the demands of temporary and permanent applications and help in carrying out the construction work. Also, the stock units are designed for optimal versatility and flexibility. Since these products are readily available to provide small or large spaces (where space is needed quickly), they can help in achieving the project objectives easily. If you are interested to learn more about modular construction and products, you can search for modular buildings florida on the internet.

As the construction industry evolves, it’s your job to make sure your business keeps pace. Whether you rent the telescopic forklift, optimize your drone use or look into modular construction, it’s important you keep expanding. Incorporate these key building trends into your operations to remain on the cutting edge in 2018.