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Team building activities to increase unity

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To run a successful business it is vital your team members have everything they need to do their jobswell. And while furniture, computers and other physical equipment are elements of that, it’s also essential that your teams have something less tangible but very important – unity. Without teamunity, it’s unlikely they’ll ever feel they can trust each other completely, or that they have a common purpose.If that happens, productivity and efficiency can plummet. Here, we’ll consider some useful ways to build unity within teams to get your employees on the road to closer co-operation.


When employers consider ways of team building, they often think of the awayday. Used by managers and leaders around the world as a way to allow everyone to see their colleagues and their place in the business in a new light, awaydays are great for freshening up colleague relationships and reminding everyone that they are on the same business journey.

Sometimes, awaydays are purely business focused and operate in much the same way as a meeting – except, of course, the venue is different to the usual! Many leaders find the awaydays are helpful for thinking about big-picture issues like setting strategy. Other forms of awayday include activity days, such as team water sports or other fun-filled, team-focused activities.

Drinks evenings

There’s nothing like having fun to build a sense of cohesion between workers, and for that reason, it’s a great idea to take your team down to the local bar. Over a few drinks, your people can learn more about each other, have a laugh and a joke and mimic some of the trust and unity behaviors of friends, like taking turns to buy a round of drinks.

It’s important to make sure, though, that these sorts of events are not too boozy – and that everyone on your team feels welcome. It’s easy for people to let their hair down a little bit too much once alcohol is involved, and it’s important for everyone to remember that drinking is no excuse for disrespect. You should also make sure you choose a venue with a range of soft drinks on offer so that everyone has a non-alcoholic choice.

Lottery syndicates

Playing the lottery is fun and exciting, and a syndicate is a fantastic way to bring your teams together. After all, if a member wins – so does everyone! That gives your teams a sense of unity, as they’re all in the same boat and will soon see the benefits of sharing tasks and rewards rather than going it alone. There are more lottery prizes available now than ever, so there’s a better chance that your team will have a win.

Puzzles and games

Working together to solve a problem is a great way to bring people closer as a group, and that’s why games work so well in a team-building environment. Consider organizing a quiz league for you and your colleagues: by huddling together and sharing ideas for a general knowledge answer, your staff will learn the habits and behaviors required to solve problems back in the workplace. You can also take the whole team to an escape room like Paranoia Quest, where you can choose from different, fun mysteries to solve together!

Brainstorming sessions

Whether you run a small business or you’re a manager at a large corporation, you’ll know that fresh ideas can be extremely valuable;that’s where brainstorming sessions come in. By allowing your team members to work together to think up solutions and throw around suggestions for company strategy or policy changes, you’ll make them feel more involved and increase their trust in you and each other.

Besides that, consider having the team take up personality assessments, like those offered by Tilt365 ( This could help them recognize their own as well as their fellow colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby developing self-awareness, allowing them to connect with a different perspective and grow as a team.

It’s amazing watching a bunch of talented people feed off each other and give energy to one another’s creative processes. Building unity is something that can easily be achieved through asking everyone to work on the same project and to find a solution to the same set of problems.By doing that, your employees will feel they’re all on the same track as a productive unit.

There are lots of different ways for teams to come together and feel more united. Whether you decide to enter your teams into a quiz league or you plan to whisk them away for a fun and exciting away day, there’s a lot to choose from. Remember, you know your teams best: if you’re certain that they’re not the sort of people who would enjoy swinging through the treetops at an adventure park, then don’t go! By choosing something everyone will enjoy, you and your team will reap the rewards.