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How to Keep Your Remote Workers Happy

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Many businesses are now looking to let their employees work from home. There are many benefits to this including saving money for the company and allowing workers to have a better work-life balance. However, there is more to working from home than sitting in their front room going through files; there is also making sure that they are keeping in touch with the rest of their colleagues and the boss. There are things like remote work programs that allow you to support and mentor your employees online which can help you achieve the following three things.


Even though people that work from home have been found to be happier than those in the office, there can still be issues with motivation. In fact, motivating your staff at home can be more problematic than those in the office. That is because there is are a lot of things that can distract your workers when they are at home, so you need to try and keep them focused and able to get on with their tasks. One way that you can achieve this is to set deadlines for each piece of work, that will hopefully help them to plan their day and keep motivated.


With remote workers, communication is one of the essential aspects of a successful role. You need to ensure that you keep the communication regular with your remote workers and that they are able to contact you or a manager if they need to. Remote working can make some people feel isolated from the rest of the company, so they need to know that you are still there and that you need their input. Hold regular meetings with your remote workers so you can discuss work matters and see how they are feeling. You can even call them into the office on occasions if their circumstances allow.

Praise Good Work

Your remote workers are able to come up with good ideas and produce good pieces of work just like any other employee. It is important that you recognize this and praise them when needed. For example, if they can help you to earn additional money such as the ways mentioned in Techmasi, then you should tell them and let them know that the rest of the team has been made aware. Include them in celebratory emails and include them in staff bonuses if they have performed well.

Encourage Their Flexibility

Most people who choose to do remote working do so because they are unable to do the regular office hours. That can be the perfect opportunity to encourage that flexibility and perhaps use it to offer your company a more flexible approach to its customers. It might be that they can staff the customer services emails for a longer period in the afternoon or maybe they can deal with overseas clients out of hours. It will make your company more adaptable and efficient.

Although remote working doesn’t suit every company, the benefits can be considerable not only to the business but also to your workers. Making the company more efficient, and keeping the workforce happy should be high on your list of priorities.