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A guide to Virtual Post Mail

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In 1983, Chris Kern, a prestigious journalist dedicated a whole article under the title of (A virtual office). He gave a very nice scenario of a marketing director on a business trip, getting his portable computer from his suitcase and contacts his home office to manage work with them.

Of course, this was a very innovative idea to the world, back then. A businessman who is able to manage his business while on a trip, far away from home.

Later, the concepts of virtual offices and virtual mail services became more redundant and more closely associated to business life.

What is virtual mail?

A virtual office is an office that may not have a fixed location, yet functions as a location to provide professional services to customers. It depends fully on automated technology for mail exchange, meetings and interactions, so employees and customers can keep in touch. You can manage your work while at home or in a different country.

Through your virtual office, you can enjoy a smart package of virtual services. Virtual postal provides individuals and corporate bodies with a real address not just a PO BOX. This enables both of them to manage receiving mail and packages wherever they are.

The automated receives your mail on your behalf, scans the envelopes then uploads them to your online inbox. The idea is to have easy access to your mail, every time you desire, wherever you are. Such a professional package of mail management can assist both big businesses as well as startups to grow and expand.

While handling your mail is essential, virtual address provides you with other innovative solutions for packages forwarding. The service grants security and speed. In addition, it avoids all the hustle of shipping companies.

Do you travel a lot?

It is sort of naïve to ask businessmen if they travel a lot. As it is very normal, especially for corporate bodies seeking overseas expansion. However, smarter travel can always combine between business and convenience.

Modern technology contributed to traveling and moving around to become easier. You can even stay connected to your mail and keep your workflow as if you are there. Virtual postal mail stands as an ideal solution for frequent travelers. It enables businessmen who travel recurrently to manage their mail and packages forwarding.

Virtual Mail vs Traditional Mail

While traditional post services are expensive, take longer period and not secured. Virtual Mail is cost effective, and it guarantees the speed and security of mail forwarding.

Virtual postal mail facilitates receiving and shipping parcels and packages. You can choose to store your parcels or forward them directly to your door. The structure of virtual shipping handles your packages with high security and privacy.

Another key reason for you to go for a virtual mailbox is flexibility.  Mostly, traditional post offices are open on holidays, but they may close by noon on these days. They may also provide mail delivery on particular days, while they do not provide mail delivery on other days.

Virtual mail services keep you connected to your mail wherever you are. They offer you innovative and convenient solutions, when compared to traditional mail. Here are some of the most prominent virtual mail providers.

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail enables you to manage your mail online in three easy steps. Signing up for Earth Class Mail provides you with a real address, mail scanning and other innovative features.

The duplet of benefits of Earth Class Mail is that you can travel freely without losing contact with your mail. In addition to, checking your E-mails and postal mails simultaneously wherever you are. You can also enjoy a thirty-day trial to check if it retaliates with your business needs.

Mainly, you will enjoy a real address beside receiving your mail at your online inbox and having access to it 24/7. The service is friendly user and time-saving. It is also a highly secured solution to handle your mail wherever you are.

Post Scan Mail

Post Scan Mail is another world-class virtual mailbox service. The service offers you smart virtual address packages to manage your mail in the most convenient manner.

You can also enjoy a virtual shipping address. That is how you can benefit from all deals and enjoy shopping online. Virtual shipping feature grants you free storage and a fast shipping process. You can track all your packages till they arrive at your place.

Once you decide to start with your account, you pick your plan and virtual address. You will need to fill out a postal consent form allowing Post Scan Mail to receive mail on your behalf.

By the time Post Scan Mail’s team receives your postal consent; the system activates your account. You will be ready to indulge into an innovative experience of mail forwarding.

Your local US street address enables you to receive mail from all over the world. By choosing the forwarding option, Post Scan Mail automated service will scan your mail and forward it to your online inbox. You have access to your inbox any time wherever you are.

Traveling mailbox

As its name denotes, Traveling mailbox is another option to have access to your mail wherever you are. It offers smart packages of mail handling for both individuals and business owners.

Through your online postal mailbox you can view your mail anywhere in the world. The service offers you easy and affordable packages to manage your mail and receive it according to your preferences.

Traveling mailbox comes with three different monthly plans, ideal to serve different needs and demands. You can also get in contact with the sales team in order to tailor your own personal plan.

Mail Labs

Mail Labs is an innovative service to manage your mail online. The service comes with a bundle of smart features. It enables you to have a real address in the US to receive your correspondence and packages. It assists you to connect with your international customers and to expand statewide.

Your personal cloud enables you to access your mail wherever you are. It guarantees you proficiency and security. You can organize your mail into folders and subfolders. Folder management saves your time and facilitates searching for mails. You will not lose a single mail!

Many individuals and business owners can benefit from the services of Mail Labs. Mail Labs brings your incoming letters, postal cards, urgent mail and packages to you wherever you are.


Your virtual business address is a prestigious inclusion to your business. It grants you expansion and presence midst the international business lounge. You can keep in touch with your international customers, deposit your checks, pay your bills and ship your packages.

A virtual mail box is your solution for a smarter mail forwarding. You have instant access to your virtual mail box wherever you are. It receives your mails, scans them, and then upload them to your online mailbox. It assures the privacy and security of your mail along with an innovative bundle of mailing services.