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Advertising That Catches the Eye

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Attention Getters

As you travel, signs are everywhere. What gets your attention? Is it signs, colorful banners, or billboards? Everyone has had that experience of traveling down a rural road or in a bustling city and having to do a double-take while traveling. Something along the road catches your eye and your mind seems to wake up and pay attention. Have you even stopped checking it out?

Types of Signage

Digital signage solutions (which can be provided by firms like Loop–you can access their website from this place) can be used to provide public information as well as internal communication and sharing product details to enhance customer service, promotions, and brand recognition. In a corporate environment, the display can help meet internal communications objectives, keeping everyone up-to-date with news and employee benefits. Companies similar National Signs to prove to be useful in helping companies install digital signages all over the world.

A digital sign might cause you to look, but you cannot read it fast enough before it changes. The message it sends is often lost. Set to change a little slower, however, and digital signage solutions are often perfect for the retail and hospitality industries as it allows them to change the featured promotion throughout the day.

A billboard is just a billboard, with words and perhaps pictures you strain to read before they’re gone. An exception to this might be the little signs on the road that have a word or phrase continued by another little sign one hundred feet or more away. This is then followed by another and another until the message is complete. Unfortunately, they are not used much anymore, which is a shame. They were fun!

Then we have the street corner living advertisement. How many people have seen a poor soul standing in freezing or hot weather, either in costume or just holding a sign? These living signs stand for hours. The public is usually more focused on the person than what the sign says.

How About Those Banners?

Of the many types of signs and banners seen over the world, the feather banner stands out. These banners can be small or large. The word feather denotes lightweight and flowing. Most superior quality banners are made of vinyl. This gives them longevity of use and easy storage when not in use. These lightweight banners can be rolled up and put away or used for an event and then put back on a storefront for advertising. Banners are everywhere. Their colorful, customized background and clear lettering are seen at ballparks, along the road, and on storefronts. Their versatility is amazing. This is an eye-catching way to draw people into their event or store.

Quality banners are created in a manner that allows them to move slightly, giving them the ability to catch the attention of the consumer. The speed of manufacturing, usually one to three days, enables businesses and event planners to quickly and colorfully advertise their venue.

Next time you travel, be aware of your surroundings. It is possible that feather banners may embark you on a shopping or cultural experience you might have otherwise missed.