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Non-Clinical Roles: Exploring Opportunities for Physicians to Diversify Income

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No matter what field of work or study you are in, you will find that you will likely need to diversify your income a bit in order to do all manner of things. You might just want a little extra money for emergencies, for your savings account, or to have for fun. 

Additionally, you might take on more jobs outside of your main one in order to keep your skills sharp or supplement slow days.

If you are a physician, this is no different, but what type of opportunities do you need to take advantage of in order to make more money? 

Here are some places outside of a doctor’s office you might want to turn your attention to!

Focus On Writing and Research

As a physician, you likely have a lot of knowledge in your head as well as some burning passions about certain things in the medical field. Rather than letting all of that go to waste, why not find a way to write about it? You can focus on medical writing for journals, colleges, or other forms of academia, and there are likely a lot of research opportunities there as well. Don’t be afraid to ask around and get your name and business in some social circles, because your papers or research could be very beneficial for your neurologist salary.

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Learn To Coach

Especially if you have been in the world of medicine for years, you’ve likely seen and made all of the mistakes you are going to make, and seen others make them too. So don’t be afraid to start coaching others. There are plenty of physicians who are just now coming into the practice as well as those who have been around for a few years, and they all need someone to have their back and help talk them through some issues.

Having the ability to talk to physicians and other medical professionals, both about medical issues as well as other issues going on in their lives can be a wonderful boon for them. The mental health of our doctors and nurses is important, and having someone experienced to turn to both during times of crisis and peace can be very helpful for everyone involved. 

Find Jobs That Are Helpful For You

As a physician, you will face all the stress, burnout, and crisis management as every other health sector, and you will need to make sure that you can find the jobs that are going to help you mitigate that. Especially if you are focusing on continuing to work your old job along with these new ones, because you don’t want to burn out and wind up making mistakes.


Getting some smaller jobs that can help you ease the pressure on yourself and can introduce you to some more flexibility will only help you become a much better physician in the long run. Don’t be afraid to reach out and diversify as a physician, because you might find all of the benefits outweigh the extra work.