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What to have in place when you order your express paper bags

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The needs of a business change in some cases on a daily basis and this can put a strain on the ordering department. Having the correct planning measurements in place will help to avoid mishaps further down the road.

As we build up to retail’s busiest period of the year, here are some of the key things you need in place should you have to order some express Christmas paper bags for your store.

  • Make sure the bag designs have been finalised

This may sound like a simple step, but you would be surprised by the number of businesses that do not properly finalise the designs of their paper bags. In the case of ordering express paper bags, this is often a critical error as it can cause an unnecessary delay in a time-sensitive operation.

Make sure you consult with the design team beforehand and ensure the design has the correct colour scheme and colourways. This will maximise the chances of you getting a product that you are satisfied with as quickly as possible.

  • Know the requirements of the bag  

When purchasing express bags it is also important to understand what purpose the bag will serve. Will it be used for heavy objects or will it need to be safe for food products? These are questions that you will need to know the answers to when you place the order for your express paper bags.

  • Get the colour scheme right for the express paper bag

Part of the challenge in getting your paper bag ready for express production is getting the right colour scheme in place. Try and match the paper bag branding to that associated with your wider business. This will help achieve synergies between your packaging and your overall branding.

  • Decide on the manufacturer for the bag

The most important choice you make before you order your express paper bags is deciding on the provider to go with. We recommend you look for an express bag provider with a lot of reliable online reviews and a wide scope of products and services. This will maximise the chance of you finding the right bag for your business.