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Why More and More Successful Traders are Switching to Online Gambling

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As somewhat of a classic stock trader naturally I’d quite extensively explore emerging trends around trading, such as going into CFDs for commodities, currencies and even the very stocks I already trade and invest in. So I’d know all about the developmental trajectory of the huge industry as a whole. However, even with all the success I’ve realised on a personal level, there is some information I would naturally be willing to pay for.

For example, if a business analysis agency was paid by someone in a specific industry like agriculture to interpret the data surrounding things like harvest quality over the years, if I I’m then trading a basket of CFDs which represent stocks in the agriculture industry, that information could be of great significance to me and I’d be more than willing to pay for it.

That leads me to some information which is perhaps just as valuable, but fortunately I didn’t have to pay for it. I have many former colleagues who were willing to spill all the beans because I simply asked them to, and of course I’m talking about why they ditched their successful online trading operations to go into online gambling. Four main reasons consistently came up.

A better chance to actually sustain their generated income

Online gambling is not unlike online trading in so many ways, one of which ways is the need to develop some kind of strategy which is based on odds. With online trading though that strategy contains a variable in the form of market conditions and sentiment, whereas with online gambling once you’ve found a winning strategy then you can apply it over and over again without having to refine it, or until the online betting platform of your choice catches on and changes things up a bit. So the generated income from online gambling is surprisingly more sustainable than that of online trading. If you’re a newbie and want to give online sports betting a shot, try searching online using keywords like ‘sports betting louisiana‘ (or any place you like).

A greater variety of online platforms available

It’s as simple as that – there are so many more online casinos to choose from than online trading platforms, mostly because of the regulatory requirements around the operation of such businesses online. That said only a few online casinos stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest, such as one known as Novibet, known to have a wide variety of games that not only pay out big jackpots but are lots of fun to play as well.

More ways to make money

With the availability of some of the top casino sites on the market, traders can avail offers and make profits a lot more ways unlike the case with trading, which would only reward you for trading big and long, as well as through referral commissions. Online casino platforms offer a lot more, such as selling your betting strategy or getting sponsored to promote the platform in addition to the regular winnings from your calculated bets and application of your strategy, referrals, signup bonuses, etc. You can also think about becoming a bookie yourself by using pay per head software that can give you more freedom and offer extra options to bettors with advanced technology.

More and quicker ways to withdraw and actually receive generated earnings

It’s somewhat of a nightmare trying to withdraw the earnings you make from an online trading broker, whereas with online casinos you have more ways through which to withdraw your earnings, which means you get them in your bank account quicker as you would be able to choose the quickest and best withdrawal method for you.