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Top 4 Abilities of a Noble Sourcing Agent

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You might have come across the word sourcing agent in your day to day business activities, but maybe you are asking yourself, why have a sourcing agent in a target market, but for your information, if you are looking to find high-quality goods and products at cheaper prices in foreign countries, working with a sourcing agent comes in very handy. If you ever come across someone advising you to avoid hiring a sourcing agent just because he/she is lacking loyalty or maybe she/he is unprofessional chances are that the person is just shifting your devotion to something he is possibly promoting. You can challenge him by showing how to find a categorically good one. This is no difference with the effort you put when finding a good product, more wisdom is needed so as to find a good sourcing agent.

Today, more businesses both large and small are going to sites like to help them find sourcing specialists that can find and transact with a factory that meets all their requirements. This has helped business owners to find the best products at lower costs. But how do you know that the sourcing agent is a good one?

Below are 6 top qualities you need to check on a sourcing agent.

  1. Broad sourcing experience

This is by far the most top most quality that must exist in any sourcing agent. As with any expert, your sourcing agent must have adequate knowledge and experience to make the sourcing process as smooth as possible. For those who have done international product sourcing will tell you the process is not as easy as people think, it is more complicated and can consume all your time and money especially when you are considering shipping multiple items.

  1. Credibility

Credibility or trustworthiness is very crucial when it comes to choosing a sourcing agent. If your sourcing agent is dishonest, you risk being ripped off your money since he will be asking the supplier for hidden fees while claiming to offer low or even unpaid services without your knowledge. A professional sourcing agent will ensure they communicate any information they get from the supplier to you.

  1. Quality dedicated

Whether it’s to import products from china or elsewhere, a good sourcing agent might be one who will spend whatever time it will take to ensure they find quality products at an affordable price. Additionally, a reliable sourcing agent should be able to visit the factory physically to inspect quality standards and let you know any latest information to enable you to make an informed decision before sourcing products.

  1. Being friendly to the suppliers

In some states, business culture is closely connected with collaborations and friendship. Some business owners are prone to offer more favorable terms to people they are closer with or whom they find more intimate. Therefore, together with you, the sourcing agent should work to improve the relationship with the suppliers, instead of always exerting pressure on them.


Finding a perfect sourcing specialist can be very daunting, particularly when you are not able to visit the country you are thinking of sourcing and purchasing your products physically. However, it is more beneficial to spend a little time on the decision and shop around for different sourcing specialists, rather than signing up with the first agent you come across.