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Three Ways to Improve Your Company’s Visual and Video Content

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For companies that rely on explainer videos and images to get the message across to prospective consumers, it is of the utmost of importance that it’s done correctly. As a company, there is usually only one chance to get that message across to customers so it’s a make or break kind of situation. If you feel like your company isn’t using its visual and video content to its full advantage, and that you may be missing out on opportunities, it’s time to look at ways improvements can be made.

Here we’ll take a look at three ways you can go about improving your company’s visual and video content so that your messaging is better understood and reaches the target audience.

Hire the Professionals

The first tip is perhaps the easiest way to go about seeing an improvement as it takes all the responsibility off your shoulders. Hiring a professional agency that specialises in video content and messaging, such as Spiel Creative does, is often the best route to take. Spiel takes the approach of getting to know the company and its needs so that the messaging will be clear and concise.

Of course, when you hire a professional they will have all the necessary knowledge, tools, and equipment to not only film an effective looking video, but they have the editing tools to ensure it’s a sleek looking package. You tend to get a lot of bang for your buck when you use a production company.

Make Sure You Include Video on Your Landing Page

If your website doesn’t currently have video on its landing page, it’s time to think again. Simply by having video on your landing page you are able to increase conversions by a whopping 86% according to a study. As for what kind of video to use, it really depends on the messaging and what you are trying to sell. There are animated explainer videos, how-to videos, customer testimonials or product demonstrations. The goal is to make it clear what your brand and product offers to people.

For those companies that already have a video on their landing page, it may be worthwhile to take a critical look at it and make sure you are using it to its full advantage. Perhaps some tweaking is in order.

Know Who to Push Your Videos to

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your video content is to push videos to the right people. These “right people” can be followers, fans, subscribers, influencers and experts in the market. You can always take a screenshot of the video and then send it out to these people via an email marketing list. You want these people to know a new video has been posted and spark their interest.

It’s Worth the Time and Effort

Creating effective and high quality visual and video content for your company is a painstaking process, but when done correctly it can have a fairly significant positive impact on the business.