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7 Most Expensive US Stocks You Can Buy

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Do you want to buy mtn shares? Have you been looking into the stock market? Looking to part ways with a chunk of cash? These companies have some of the highest per-share values out there, and many of them keep growing year by year.

Here are the most expensive US-based stocks you can buy and their current trading prices:

Berkshire Hathaway: $279,275

If there’s such thing as a safe stock to invest in, Berkshire Hathaway might be it. If you would have bought a share for $100,000 in 2006 you would have doubled your money by 2014 and today you’d be well on your way to tripling up.

Having trouble coming up with enough for a share of Class A stock? You can grab a share of Class B for under $200 and enjoy slow and steady returns, as well as a ticket to the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha. Worth it!

Seaboard: $4,499

Coming in a distant second, yet still out of reach for most middle-class investors, Seaboard stock is currently trading at around $4,500. This multinational agricultural corporation may have a big price tag, but their market cap puts them at just $5B, quite small compared to mega-corporations like Apple and Microsoft.

Much of its value increase has occurred in the last 12 years, and in 2005 you could have scored a share for just $1,000. Now you just need Doc Brown to show up in the DeLorean and go back and buy up as much as you can!

NVR: $2,917

If you want to invest in real estate without actually buying and selling homes, you can invest in NVR if you’ve got a spare three grand laying around. They’re involved in real estate in the form of building homes and then providing mortgages for them.

A surge in value in the last year has seen the stock price double, making those who bought it just one year ago very happy if they decided to hold it. The only question now is how high the elevator can go, and whether it makes sense to cash out your winnings or double down on the future.

Priceline: $1,875

You probably remember the commercials for featuring William Shatner. The initial success of this travel discount website that allowed you to name your own price gave The Priceline Group the ability to buy up a lot of big-name travel sites like and

To get a share of the Priceline pie you’ll need to spend nearly $2,000, but thanks to their large holding of travel-based Internet assets the stock has seen a steady rise in value since 2010.

Markel: $1,080

Markel has a large stock price, but maybe isn’t the sexiest stock to own since most people won’t know anything about them, as they’re basically a holding company (yawn). But buying and holding their stock seems like a good investment strategy for the last ten years or so.

Alphabet: $971

Alphabet, aka Google, sells for nearly $1,000 and needs no introduction for most people on planet Earth. Since their IPO price of $85 you’d be doing pretty well. It gets a little complicated with the stock split and the switch over to Alphabet, but you’d be a happy camper if you had a large supply of Google stock from 2004.

Amazon: $964

Amazon’s stock value has surged in price and is doing daily battle with Alphabet to see which one is worth more. Rumors are swirling that both Amazon and Alphabet might split their stock to keep the price down, but there are always pros and cons to that move, and always some investors that don’t want it to happen.