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Share Price Indicators that aren’t Obvious

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Share Price Indicators that aren’t Obvious

Thankfully it seems as if the wave of Forex trading courses in particular has died down, this as part of what has been the latest fleecing of the general population by economic opportunists. How it went was that there would be some kind of presentation through which “value” appears to be transferred, then they sell you a spot on some trading course. The information you learn could very well be useful, but it’s not worth what you would have been made to pay and you could actually get that information all by yourself by learning the basics of what is supposedly being taught.

For example, you’re not going to be a master swing-trader by going through some course put together by someone who claims to have mastered it. I mean if they’re making all this money from it then why are they selling their precious strategy to you and anyone else who is willing to buy it? Instead, you will be a master of something like the swing-trading example if you actually get your hands dirty and start trading, having acquired the basics of what it’s all about.

I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle here – it’s simply a matter of calling it what it is.

If anyone is ever going to share a winning trading strategy with you, they’re going to do so for free if it’s genuine. Reason being that no two traders will ever be at a point where they think exactly the same, influenced by exactly the same indicators and factors in choosing to take positions on their trades. For instance if I tell you all about my thinking behind how I choose positions to take up, you still won’t enter into those positions at exactly the same time that I do. You definitely won’t close those positions at exactly the same time that I do, because we’re just wired differently like that.

Learning how to win the games set up around share prices, i.e. CFDs and other securities, comes down to finding your own winning strategy. Even then you don’t win all the time, but if you win more times than you lose then you’re on the path to logical success, aren’t you?

Now, I will share one secret that I use to take positions based on market indicators (factors that influence the share price of a stock), which is the emphasis on a focus on those indicators that aren’t so obvious.

I have a mailing list of referrals for people who need the services of a competent train accident attorney for example, all of whom are willing to let me know which company they’ll be taking legal action against in exchange for my referral of a good attorney.

Now, what does that mean? It means I know which companies are likely to get hit by a law suit, a possible indicator for their stock price either taking a hit in the near future or emerging even stronger based on how they handle the law suit and take it in their stride!