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5 Tips for Uber Riders to Get High Ratings

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If you want to be rated as one of the best Google writers to Pick-up and drop-off there are you can follow that will make sure every Uber Rider will thank you the cat’s meow.

#1: Don’t Be Stingy On The 5 Stars

Uber ratings are a two-way street, so increase your karma by giving good drivers a five-star rating. Nitpicking a driver because of a few nuances or small details just isn’t worth it, and if they’ve done a solid job be sure to give them the full five stars. Have some specific criteria that would have to be broken in order for a driver to lose a star, such as showing up more than 5 minutes late or being rude to you.

Riding with Uber is more fun when you’re driven by highly rated drivers. You’ll be surprised how things can shift and you’ll notice you’ll start getting higher ratings as well thanks to the positive flow of energy. Karma works!

#2: Be Where You Should Be

Uber drivers appreciate it when you are waiting where the app says you will be. If they arrive where they’re supposed to and you’re not there it can be very frustrating and stressful since they don’t know if you’re going to show or not.

From their standpoint they want to get you to your destination so that they can get to the next pick up. By slowing them down you are costing them money and they surely won’t appreciate that and might indicate that with a less than stellar rating.

#3: Be Considerate With Your Music

Ever since Uber started letting riders play their own music through the car speakers riders have been blasting the speakers. Just be courteous when you play your music and consider that the driver has to spend several hours in his car throughout the day and may not even like the music you’re playing and is just tolerating it to get a good rating.

#4: Don’t Make a Mess

It’s recommended not to eat in the car, but if the driver says it’s okay just be sure you clean up after yourself. Be extra careful not to leave behind font food, and if anything spells be sure to wipe it up to the best of your ability. Your driver will likely have clean-up supplies if they allow eating, so be sure to ask for some if needed.

#5: Leave a Tip

Uber drivers love getting tips and you should consider it if you’ve had a good experience. It doesn’t have to be something huge since you are get a fixed price based on how far you’re traveling. Even a few dollars can make a driver smile and will help them think of you more fondly.

Of course, if you don’t get good service you definitely shouldn’t feel inclined to pay anything extra. Uber works because everyone has accountability and nobody should receive great feedback unless they’ve truly earned it.

By following these simple steps to you should start to see your rating climb and you’ll start to have better and better drivers picking you up. This puts you on a positive upward spiral and your experience should only get better as time goes by.