5 Event Tech Trends Changing the Look of Events

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Event planning has taken on a new look, with websites like https://dfwcelebrations.com/services/event-planning-tips/ being used to help with this new way of planning. Gone are the days of free binders and maybe a PowerPoint presentation for the keynote speech. Today’s events are enhanced by modern AV technology that dramatically improves the look of the event as well as levels of engagement. This change has advanced the event planning business, check this to understand more about what is now available for events. If you want to make an impact at your next event, take a look at these creative uses of event technology for inspiration.

  1. Apps You Love to Use

Multifunctional apps are on the way up and rapidly improving how events are organised and run. Attendees no longer have to carry mounds of paper around with them or look up where to go next on a map and schedule. You have event apps that contain all kinds of relevant information into one, where attendees can know what’s on as well as chat with other attendees, ask questions, and express their opinions.

  1. Modern Virtual Reality

There are many ways to incorporate virtual reality into an event, from information booths to help desks, according to www.pspav.com. Combined with modern display screens and wearable tech, virtual reality can substantially increase engagement at an event and save time and money on things such as travel and customer service.

  1. Handy APIs

API stands for Application Programme Interface and it is simple in structure – a way of allowing pieces of technology to talk to each other so that they share data and provide a joined-up technological solution. APIs are an ideal solution when you do not want to use multiple apps or servers, which increases the chances of problems occurring.

  1. Intelligent Real Time Intelligence

When you run an event you need to know many different things, at the same time. You need to know about how the event is progressing, what is happening and where, and what the response to the event is. Real time intelligence is a way of processing masses of data to allow you to make decisions that could improve the success of the event. You need to know when you have a problem or when something is successful right there at the time – not two days later. Reacting to problems and solving them in real time helps an event run smoothly.

  1. Smart LED Screens

LED technology is increasingly used to make a huge impact at events, whether you are hosting a talk or demonstrating a new car. With numerous ways to use led screens, you can creatively enhance engagement and demonstrate expertise, while standing out from the crowd.

Keep ahead of the competition by following these latest innovations in event planning.