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Top Computer Game Types

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Online gaming has exploded over the last number of years. Gone are the days when playing Snakes, Solitaire or Asteroid was as exciting as it could get. Nowadays, the variety of games available is seemingly limitless with game designers and developers for ever coming up with new exciting games.

Not just gaming sites are expanding their range of offerings, gambling and casino sites are just as keen to keep people engaged. Long ago, you could only play poker or choose from a wide variety of slot machines at All Slots, but now, gaming sites feature an incredibly varied and exciting choice of games. People can even play many classic games on their computers these days. For example, people can play Pokemon: Schwarze Edition if they’d like. They would just need to Download Schwarze Edition (DE) Pokemon ROM and then they could play it from their computer. There are so many options for gamers these days, even gambling options. Slot sites like All Slots online casino have expanded their range of online games exponentially, and players will simply never run out of exciting games to play.

But what are the most engaging computer game types for those wishing the play rather than gamble? Let’s look at the best.

MMO – Massively Multiplayer Online

MMO games bring together people from across the world in virtual game rooms. The often highly complicated game settings make for incredibly fascinating play. Highly addicting, may I add, as you may end up playing in the middle of the night, just to meet up with someone from a different time zone in your virtual gaming room.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are often used in professional training sessions. For example, golf simulator software like the ones found in https://uneekor.com/pages/simulator-software is widely used by professional golfers for practice. Other than professional sports training, simulation games make for an engaging gaming session. You get a real sense of driving, navigating, or flying a real-life vehicle, and you sort of get the opportunity to master a new real-life skill.


With online gaming has come online gambling, which can be a more enjoyable experience than actually going to a casino. You can play everything from poker to judi online, so if you’re looking for the thrill of trying to win some cash, online slots might be the game for you. Just remember to gamble responsibly!

Sports Games

Whatever individual team sport or individual sport you can think of, you will find a relevant computer game, featuring all the main stars of the specific sport. Play Fifa 17 or NBA 17, opt for Rio 2016 Olympics or the US Golf Masters, whatever the discipline, you can play. Football games are particularly engaging because you can be a manager, buy and sell players, choose team formations, and develop tactics as well as participate in a variety of competitions and leagues. You can also get skateboarding or boxing games, essentially, any sport is available to play as a computer game.

Spy and Detective Games

Be James Bond or Sherlock Homes, solve cases, and arrest the right criminals. These games combine shooting action with mystery solving and make for highly engaging play.

Combat and War Games

If you like a bit of one-on-one combat action, no doubt, you’ll enjoy combat and war games. You are thrown into the middle of a battle scene and have to try to get out alive.

Adventure Games

Adventure games often have a strong storyline. Generally, your task is to solve a series of puzzles or overcome a variety of adversaries to reach the next level. Highly entertaining gaming with plenty of excitement and interesting challenges characterize adventure games.

The games are getting more and more sophisticated and engaging, time just seems to vanish when you are having gaming fun like that.