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Why Traders Enjoy Sports Betting So Much

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The short of it really is that traders enjoy sports betting so much simply because in principle, there isn’t all that much which separates the two. Both entail placing a bet in some or other form, but there is a rather interesting emerging trend of full time online traders making the complete switch to online sports betting, following their conclusion that online sports betting is in actual fact a much better version of trading.

Where does this information come from?

Payment processors like PayPal and particularly the ones who process payments for online betting platforms, like Skrill, release these figures as part of their market research and we wouldn’t be as good as we are at what we do if we didn’t make it our business to scour through them. So basically what these payment processors have noticed (including credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc) is that those clients of theirs who make payments into the accounts of the trading platform brokers they use also tend to make payments to sports betting sites.

In particular, sports betting at William Hill seems to be the preferred and popular choice in online betting platforms, but what has also come to light is that a lot of traders end up only entertaining the sports betting side of things and neglecting their online trading exploits.

Better odds of “winning?”

If we just face facts here we will readily admit that at the end of the day, what trading shares, CFDs, currencies and commodities is, is nothing more than betting! Yes there are strategies you can implement, but if any of those were sure-fire strategies then brokers would be traders and they would be making their money through trading as opposed to charging a brokerage fee for their service of “brokerage.”

I’d go a little further than that though and say that betting on sports is actually better than trading because then at least you know exactly what outcome led to you losing the money you wagered or walking away with a smile-inducing jackpot. Many sport betting companies also offer bonuses, like Mr Play Sports Bonus Code UK, which makes betting even more enticing. Too many factors otherwise go into the determination to the movement of a stock’s price, prices which are not immune to manipulation through something like insider trading and share dumping.

Sports betting is more fun

Well there is no other way to put it – sports betting does indeed make for a lot more fun than analysing charts and keeping up with the news of the markets. Most sports bettors are staunch supporters of some or other sports team whose sporting code they bet on, so weekends always make for an interesting time when you have some money down on the team you think is going to win. So, if you were interested in gathering information about where to bet on sports in New York and other nearby cities, you could take a peek at and similar other websites, which could give you a clear idea about sports betting!

More bonuses in sports betting

While you’ll probably get a welcome bonus on an online trading platform you use, with online sports betting platforms it extends beyond just the welcome bonus by way of the extra credit you’re entitled to. Many little competitions and promos are made available to keep the fun going and to keep things interesting, which is one of the many reasons why traders tend to enjoy sports betting so much.

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