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Why Might Using Cotton vs. Plastic Bags Prompt Customers to Buy More?

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As a business owner, you basic goal is to help customers buy as much as possible. There are clearly ways without number to make that happen, but one thing people often fail to consider is how the choice between bagging options impacts how much people buy. For example, providing cotton bags instead of cheap single-use plastic bags can prompt people to buy more, and here are just a few reasons why.

Helps Carry Heavier Loads

If you’ve ever tried carrying more than a few items or even a couple of heavier items in a single-use plastic bag, you’ll already understand how wearing it can be. The plastic bunches up and digs into your hands while the bag itself struggles not to break. Cotton bags aren’t like that – handles are smooth to the touch and remain comfortable even when you’re carrying heavier loads, and the material is more than strong enough to last for years. Simply choosing cotton over single-use plastic for your shopping bags can encourage people to put more inside them.

Keeps Your Business in People’s Minds

If you keep your business at the front of people’s minds, they’re more likely to return. Repeat customers are a gold mine since you spend less to acquire them and can generally rely on them to tell more people about your business. Cotton bags last longer than single-use plastic ones, so people are going to exposed to your branding over longer periods. They also tend to offer bolder printing.

Provides Added Incentives

If you give people an incentive to return and keep spending, they’re more likely to do so. Unlike single-used plastic bags, cotton bags don’t crumple up when they’ve held. That makes them ideal for printing information on anything from special offers to upcoming sales.