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The Importance of Data Management in the Modern Age of Consumerism

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The issue with modern consumers is that they expect an instant response from their service providers. It wasn’t too long ago when calling for maintenance to check up on your internet connection could take anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how busy the season was. Companies who were putting out fires had the sense of ease that appointments could be settled later in the day.

Nowadays, consumers want a split-second response from service providers. Many critics have attributed this mentality to the progression of technology and its growth becoming too fast for our convenience. But technology is not the enemy in this modern age. In fact, with recent advancements in helpdesk apps, keeping track of your business growth has never been easier. The implementation of strategic planning, as well as other business support within this technological growth, has been able to aid in the advancement of companies as they have moved into the digital age.

The dilemma of data

Back in the day, it would’ve taken teams from your liquidation committee to deal with your company’s finances. Thanks to the development of technology, data organization platforms like Bright Analytics suit+A74e offer trial and subscription options by host companies to make the workload more manageable. It’s not surprising to feel overwhelmed by the different types of data that you need to manage as a business owner. Though you may have delegated and split the tasks to your staff, it can still be a pain to go through their records one by one. Finding a dashboard that will tabulate your recorded data for you can take a massive load off your shoulders in terms of your day-to-day worries, from your customer service requests to bank invoices and general bookkeeping. And when used in conjunction with a data analytics platform similar to KNIME (, this data can be combined to create comprehensive customer profiles. As a result, businesses can gain insight into customer behavior and recognize trends that may drive strategic roadmaps for innovation and incorporating enhanced features into existing products or services.

Getting a good reception

Startups that die down quickly are those that aren’t capable of committing to their customers and their business partners. A company’s growth is just as much the company’s as it is their customers’ satisfaction. When a service provider lags behind in hearing their clients’ concerns, customer satisfaction goes down the drain. Providing a promising service is just half the equation when it comes to a growing business. Having a responsive customer service allows for direct communication between company and client. Prioritising your customer’s concerns is a great way to have a loyal following of clients willing to share their subscription to your service with their friends. In the climate of social media, making a few friends who will willingly share their approval of you is free advertising. However, if you have some capital saved for the marketing and advertisement of your product, you should make use of it by investing in software solutions like Samba TV Identity ( or similar ones, that can help you bridge datasets and optimize your advertising campaigns.

No one gets left behind

Everyone knows that business owners have always had a love-hate relationship with taxes. Though it can be a pain to record any transactions under your company’s roof, being observant and cautious in the long run can pay dividends in avoiding any mishaps in incurring undocumented sales. Company files are a lot like bringing your belongings with you as you move from one house to another. Keeping an excellent record of your company’s belongings will make it easier for you to look for them if they get lost or misplaced.

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