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The Best Approach to Getting Exposure to Cryptocurrencies

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Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have been on an epic roller coaster ride, trading to nearly $1,600 dollars in the past week, but the volatility of the currency has investors worried. Unfortunately, the majority of investors don’t have access to the complex code, blockchain, or strong technical skills necessary to understand this complex world. In fact, cryptocurrency investing just seems to be one of those things that even some of the greatest minds are struggling to figure out.

However, this lack of interest can be easily remedied by reaching out to the audience of traditional investors. For instance, the CBD Oil UK buyers get shipped from a specific overseas supplier should ideally have them being able to pay for it in some or other cryptocurrency.

Having my own account on Coinbase has helped me connect with many people in the financial industry, and some of these connections can be extremely beneficial when researching investment opportunities. Today, almost 90% of online financial professionals have their own personal accounts with Coinbase, which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

When I reached out to Coinbase directly and asked to connect with their account team, they were very quick to respond and agreed to send me an invite.

This was my first attempt at crowdfunding an ICO, and a lot of people in the financial industry have contacted me and advised me that there were lots of advantages to making an ICO and using this method as a means to raise funds, but the technicality and complexity of the cryptocurrency landscape makes this method difficult.

But why wait for cryptocurrency investors to come to you? Being able to interact with people in the financial industry is valuable, but these connections are only valuable if you have something valuable to offer them.

Regardless of the path you take in this emerging space, there is one key factor that will help you understand the best way to go about your ICO: the initial market.

One of the biggest benefits of ICOs is that there are numerous cryptocurrencies available to choose from at any given time. This means that a company has no limit to the amount of time they can have their ICO. I decided to launch my ICO on November 9th, and it’s not the ideal timing for a startup looking to generate a large amount of awareness, but it worked out because of the overwhelming support I received.

But there’s one critical thing you need to consider when starting your ICO.

What is the Initial Market Worth?

The initial market value of any cryptocurrency is completely dependent on the amount of attention it receives, and it can be difficult to find investors in the cryptocurrency space because of the lack of liquidity. Some of these companies have an initial market value of $1 billion, but this may not be an ideal initial market value.

Maybe the first market value of a cryptocurrency is $1 million, but the price fluctuates wildly, making the initial market value an imperfect tool for investors to base their decisions.

That’s why I chose to focus on the biggest market in the world: the U.S.