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Serviced Apartments: A New Trend in the Hospitality Business

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The hotel industry still commands a majority of the hospitality business. In recent years, however, a new concept called “serviced apartments” has become increasingly popular. In major cities in the UK such as London, business travellers and tourists who are looking for a place to stay have been increasingly drawn to serviced apartments as their choice of accommodation.

What do serviced apartments offer?

You might argue that you can just easily choose to stay at a regular hotel and the benefits are the same. But there are arguably some notable advantages to staying in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

  1. 24-hour concierge service. Most serviced apartments offer a 24-hour concierge service helping guests arrange travel and social activities. They have the knowledge necessary for you to navigate the area with the best transport options, food delivery service, theatres, and restaurants. A concierge will help make your stay comfortable and special.
  2. Home comforts. A serviced apartment can be your home away from home. These apartments come fully equipped with separate living and sleeping spaces. True to its name, a serviced apartment also comes with a fully-equipped kitchen complete with a cooker, dishwasher, fridge, and washer and dryer. When there are days you want to stay in and cook, you can do this in a serviced apartment but not in a regular hotel.
  3. Bespoke experience. Staying in a serviced apartment provides an exclusive customised experience that you can’t get anywhere else. You may get to enjoy a variety of amenities, from a lounge area with a private Wine Dispenser Machine, to a tranquil swimming pool, sauna, gym, and more. It’s like your very own luxurious home!
  4. Privacy and freedom. On average, serviced apartments have 30% more space than regular hotel rooms. This means you can do more such as host a party and entertain your family using the in-built stereo system and sound bar for tv; you can thus, friends without the fear of disturbing other guests.
  5. Cheaper rates. Serviced apartments are usually charged per room and not per head. This is especially beneficial for a large group. Aside from that, rates are also cheaper if you stay longer.
  6. Security and housekeeping. Serviced apartments provide round-the-clock security and service. They typically hire a dependable security guard austin tx to ensure that things run smoothly and safely daily. The type of monitoring they perform is largely determined by the policies established by management, but security guards are usually in charge of knowing who is in the building. Another advantage of staying in a serviced apartment is the availability of housekeeping services similar to those found in hotels.

These are only some of the notable benefits of staying at a serviced apartment. Businessmen travelling to London find that serviced apartments offer greater perks than regular hotels. Not only that, these serviced apartments are often owned by a property management company committed to providing the best possible service. Not only that, businessmen can accommodate business meetings inside serviced apartments eliminating the need to rent a conference room. In fact, many companies are partnering with serviced apartments to house employees travelling from other company locations.

When looking for a serviced apartment for your next trip, you can find online listings comparing rates and prices for different lengths of stay. Always check reviews from previous guests and don’t take things at face value. Sometimes, you can get the best value for your money by looking at well-reviewed accommodation. Newcomers in the industry are offering competitive and top of the line services to guests who are willing to give them a try.