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Follow These Tips to Select Your Perfect School Tie

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A tie is often an essential part of a school uniform, so it’s important to closely consider the characteristics of your chosen type, from colour to fabric. You’ll have to account for everything from parental concerns to general comfort, so make sure you follow these handy tips.

Choose a Convenient Material

One of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to your school tie is the fabric that will be used. In general, it’s better to go for a thinner artificial fabric rather than a thicker natural one – polyester is a perennially popular choice. Polyester ties might not boast the same elegant appearance as a fabric such as silk, but their lightness and breathability will enhance comfort when worn all day at all times of the year, and they won’t crease very easily. Additionally, artificial fabrics are almost always a lot more cost-effective.

Go for Self-Tied

Clip-on ties will often be necessary for very young children, but standard self-tied options will be advantageous for most pupils. They might be a little harder to put on, but the task will soon become second-nature, and it’s a skill that’s nice to learn early. Having school ties more firmly attached will also reduce the chances of them becoming lost, and they won’t wear out nearly as quickly as clip-on ties, which can quickly become loose when used every day.

Pick Solid Colour or Striped Over Embroidered

School ties will need to be branded with school colours, whether that means opting for a solid colour or incorporating stripes. Overall, it’s better to incorporate school colours rather than using a crest or logo – these generally demand either embroidery or more expensive printing methods. More importantly, it can be tricky to position a crest or logo on a school tie since pupils will wear the tie at different lengths as they grow.  If in doubt then consult the professionals- many custom tie retailers will be able to advise you on the best design.