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Employing statistics against slots

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Usually, in life, statistics come into play with most everything we do and like to do, even those which are more or less not very mathematic come into play in our day to day lives, including online gambling.

For example, take into account when you are choosing to eat at any particular restaurant, or not. These days, unless we know the restaurant well, or even if we don’t, (which is still a statistic when you think about it really,) we will go online to check it out.

More often than not, we do this to check out the reviews and ratings and to see what other people have to say about the restaurant in general: food, place setting, the service, the cleanliness of the place, whether or not the place has good toilets on offer.

So really, a lot of statistics when it comes to choosing anything, and these are weighed up against other statistics, and so the list goes on.

Which means there is no reason really, that someone wouldn’t want to employ statistics against slots when a player is choosing to play a game. 

Slot payback statistics at differing casinos

There are public statistics available to players around all slot machine paybacks at different casinos for anyone to look at if they would like to.

Some states release their stats for each individual casino, but there are some others which include Nevada, that only give out a breakdown of statistics by region, so some stats are more comparable than others.

And the good news is that there are some which will do the maths for you and give you the statistics in percentages, which makes it a lot easier to find out the wagers and casino take than using the raw data which some casinos will offer, and make you do the maths yourself.

Even if you feel like you are comfortable to do maths yourself, it is still a hard task to perform successfully, especially when working things out for yourself, as it might not be accurate and it makes it a long winded process to compare the two casinos as well.

To tell you of the process involved, in order to figure out the payback percentage of a casino’s slot machine, you have to divide the win of the casino but the coins in, and then you have to times this by a total of 100 to convert it to the percentage.

This equation will then give you the casino’s win percentage or the casino’s hold percentage, and then you would need to take that figure away from 100 and this gives you the payback percentage.

Which, is all well and good perhaps, but then you have to compare these to the others. So as mentioned, it would end up being far more work than it’s worth overall. 

Is employing stats against slots worth it?

So when the stats have been viewed and you find that a particular casino has been paying a percent of 91.3 on the slot machines and casino B has paid 90.2, would it mean that you’d be better off going to the former casino to play slots than the latter one?

Not really, as statistical illusions are a real thing, and it’s worth taking into account that high denomination slots usually have a higher payback percentage than low denomination slots, so it’s better to compare these two than statistics.