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Does It Make Sense Relying on a Third Party for Your Company’s Packaging Needs?

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Aren’t companies supposed to be creating their own product packaging? I mean, I know it’s a complicated event, product creation, but the packaging is something that is branded and represents your company. That is why many businesses use companies like to customize the packaging to their design and their brand features and their style and so on. It’s supposed to be what draws the customers in right? So why are there businesses that try to offer products or services that are supposedly already part of the core functions of a business? Here’s a fact: many business rely on other companies to produce the packaging they use for their products. Beauty product companies, for example, don’t have their own facilities for manufacturing the tubes and bottles they need for their products so they will use a third company to create their luxury packaging design. Of course, there are compelling reasons for this. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

Outsourcing Creativity and Expertise

Some companies just don’t have the time and resources to develop creative packaging. That’s why there’s nothing wrong going to a packaging design specialist. It would be better to let a third party do it if nobody in the company has the creativity and expertise to do it. Design specialists can carefully and thoughtfully come up with packaging designs that are not only distinctively appealing, they can also take into account other factors such as usability and durability. When it comes to industrial packaging, be it with heat shrink plastic tape (like the ones available at Pro-Tect Plastics) or corrugated boxes, the quality of these packaging materials can be better accessed when you work with the expertise of a custom packaging company.


Another noteworthy reason why it makes sense letting a third party design and manufacture your product’s packaging is cost-efficiency. Since they have the know-how and facilities, they are able to produce your product’s packaging cost-efficiently and with guaranteed quality. Remember the concept of economies of scale. Third party manufacturers can do it at lower costs because they have the equipment and expertise for mass manufacture. If you are going to create your own packaging, by buying pre-made tubes or bottles and adding label-stickers to them, for example, the process can take time. Add to this the possibility of committing mistakes that may result in damage, wastage, or unusable output. If you let the experts do it, you can have a reasonable expectation of quality output and lower production costs.

More Time for Product Development

Why spend a lot of your time on the conceptualization and manufacture of your product packaging if your attention is more needed in the development, improvement, and marketing of your product? The packaging you use for your product is important but if you and your team don’t have the luxury of time to handle it, it’s better to let experts who could take charge to make custom boxes and packages so you can spend your time and resources on your actual product.

Custom product packaging companies continue to exist because they are serving a demand. Their services are useful and their clients acknowledge this. Of course, the answer to the question posited in this post’s title is a definite yes. However, it’s still important to carefully evaluate the product packaging you get from them. You need to closely work with them to get the perfect packaging you want for your product.