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Australia’s 7 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs 2018

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The Australian business landscape has been dominated by men for a very long time. Men make up the majority of entrepreneurs and the women only contribute about a third of the total number of entrepreneurs. There is nevertheless major changes happening. Women are increasingly taking up leadership and they now make up the largest group of new and upcoming entrepreneurs. In 2018, you can find a substantial number of female entrepreneurs in Australia. Here is a list of the most influential women entrepreneurs this year.

1. Maree Adshead

Maree Adshead is the founder of the Open Data Institute Australian Network, an Australian organization that employs several employees. This organization is championing the access of data to millions of women across Australia for a good cause. Maree believes that the data that was previously unavailable to the masses can be harnessed and re-used to create products and services needed in the society. She heads the organization which helps teach people about the ways in which data can be used for development.

2. Catriona Wallace

Catriona Wallace is the head and founder of Flamingo. Her company has been a major player in the AI industry for a number of years now. She ventured into this market after her realization that there was no representation for the female entrepreneurs in AI and tech. With her company, she has been able to impact the lives of many who work under her and she has also paved the way for women who want to take the path she took. Flamingo is a publicly listed company trading in the Australian Stock Exchange.

3. Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart

Beam Founders, Stephanie Reuss, and Victoria Stuart got into entrepreneurship when they realized that employment was taking away a lot of precious time. The two women defied the odds and started Beam, a platform where people would look for and access part-time jobs. The two women had a successful first year with the turnover reaching over $200,000. The company is still going strong and it already has a number of employees. The two women are leading the way when it comes to enabling other people to achieve financial independence through their business.

Many female entrepreneurs are also venturing into financial markets especially in recent years. As reported by Admiral Markets, the financial market offers a great opportunity for investors of all kinds. Many women who have medium to low capital are thus venturing into the financial markets in large numbers.

4. Penny Locaso

When she started BKindred, Penny Locaso had big dreams. She dreamt of reaching millions of women within a few years. She also hoped that her business would inspire many other women looking to get into entrepreneurship. Just a few years after she started her business, she is already making headways in the industry and her goals are now in sight. BKindred has already impacted many lives especially of women who are looking to venture into their passions. Penny Locaso is a great champion for women and she hopes that her company will help bring the kind of equality needed in the business world.

5. Kylie Lewis

Kylie Lewis started Of Kin in 2013. She ventured into this business without much of a concrete plan but she still managed to make it successful. She has been running the business that helps women go for their entrepreneurial goals and which is now profitable. When she started the business, her inspiration was her kids. She wanted them to see her as a real example of going for goals that one is passionate about.

6. Karen Sheldon

She is the founder of Karen Sheldon Catering. This business has been operating for many years now. The success of the business is attributed to the sheer commitment of Karen Sheldon and her partners over the years. She is an example of women who have not only venture into entrepreneurship but one who has also made a multi-million company is the process.

7. Eliza Brown

All Saints Wine is a company that has a long-standing history in the Australian market. Eliza Brown inherited this company after her father passed on. The unexpected and challenging fortune did not overwhelm her, however. She took the leadership of the company and oversaw its modernization and reinvention. The company is now a multi-million firm and it employs several employees.