5 Best Apps to Stay in Touch While Traveling For Work

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It can be hard being away from your loved ones and friends while traveling for work. Luckily we live in the modern age and technology is doing its best to make it feel like we’re in the same room, even when we couldn’t be further away. With real-time chat api software, people are able to stay in touch a lot more nowadays which is a huge plus for everybody whether that be personal or business-related.

The apps below will help you stay in touch with your friends and family, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Speaking of business trips, getting travel insurance in Australia before you head out is always a good idea. It makes it so much easier to get things back to normal in the case of an unfortunate event, and it’s often considered a business expense.


WhatsApp gives you the ability to send SMS-style messages from all over the globe, making it great for staying in touch and feeling like you’re still nearby. The other advantage is that it’s one of the more popular messaging apps across the globe, so the business contacts you meet abroad might already be using it.

FaceTime/Google Hangouts

When a face to face chat is in order there are a few great ways to go. Apple users will want to use FaceTime, while Android and PC users will want to use Google Hangouts. Both provide high quality video calls with HD video and audio.

Skype is another option, but give FaceTime and Hangouts a try first as they seem to get the job done for most users.

WiFi Finder

Staying in touch means staying connected, which can be a bit tricky while you’re away from home on business. With the WiFi Finder app you’ll be able to locate free WiFi hotspots, get connected, and start using the other apps listed on this page.

While you may be able to rely on your cellular data while you’re in your home city, things generally get spotty when you start traveling, especially abroad. With a WiFi connection your smartphone will be smart again and able to get you connected and caught up.


If you’ve got kids chances are you’re aware of Snapchat, even if you don’t necessarily use it. If you’ll be away for awhile it’s a good idea to learn how to use it (your kids will probably have to show you how, seriously.) before you leave so you can have a bit of fun on your serious trip.

A silly face sent on Snapchat lets them know you’re thinking of them. It only takes a few seconds, and will also brighten your day and keep you light hearted if you’ve been stressing out about your job. There’s filters that will instantly turn you into a cute big-eyed bunny or distort your face so you’re barely recognizable.


If you’ve been looking for a way to keep all of your communication in one place, you may want to check out Viber. This is a communication suite that includes an app for your smartphone or tablet, as well as a desktop app so you can use it no matter what kind of device you’re on.

With these apps your friends and family will remain close to you even though you’re far away.